Raymond Gregory B. Tribdino (Tribs)


Information technology columnist since 1997 writing a column called "Post Bytes" for the defunct Philippine Post. As an early technology writer, Tribs (as called by his tech friends) lambasted the Y2K scare, accurately predicting the hoax of the "Millennium Bug" and dispatching the notion of the end of all computers. He took on corporate roles at two car companies but in between began a blog called "Tech SOS" and "Confessions of Greasy Hands." 

In 2014 he returned to journalism and became the Technology Editor of Malaya Business Insight. Tribs also wrote for the first online electric vehicle publication "EV World" in 1999, reporting on EVs in Japan and globally. His editors included Raul Locsin, Liza Solano, Anthony Cuaycong, Cris Paraso (BusinessWorld), Cesar Mangawang (Philippine Daily Inquirer), Earl Sebastian (Automotion), Arsenio "Popong" Andolong (High Gear), Mike Black (Top Gear) Bill Moore.

Greg E. Bautista (Greg)


Greg is to go-to-guy of Tribs. He has been around like a sidekick since 2001. A published author Greg's a experienced photographer and web builder. When not working as a social media manager for an American jeweller he dabbles with drones and review gadgets for a popular American consumer review site under a pseudonym. 

Lourdes C. Escolano (Loodee)


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